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11. May 2014

I consider myself a pretty athletic person. I was the captain of two varsity sports in high school, I like to hike and run and all that stuff.
So when I get lazy I realize that I kind of rely on that identity to justify myself. I make excuses like:
“Oh I’m studying so Im to busy to work out.” Or “I’ll just work out more next quarter.”
I noticed last week that I’ve been putting on some pounds, but I just justified that as “oh I’m on my period so that’s normal.”
It wasn’t until just now when I attempted a 4 mile run for the first time in a while and after 1.5 miles I had to stop because I felt like complete and utter shit. Today I forced myself to accept the fact: I’m just not taking care of myself. My body is going to shit. I focus so much on school and extracurriculars that I haven’t been paying attention to me. So here I am sitting on the side of my running route typing this out because I need to put this in words so I follow through:
1) Cut out workout times into my schedule: at least 20 minutes a day. If I don’t actually put it in my schedule, I’ll never do it.
2) Eat better. I’m a binge eater. If I start a bag of chocolate covered raisins I can easily finish it without a second thought. Last week I had a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s, a montebianco and yogurtland. That’s not okay. I know it hard to eat out with friends and not get dessert, but I just need to tell them that I’m taking better care of myself.
3) Dressing better: I know this sounds superficial but when you look good you feel good. I have no one to impress, but giving myself a little self esteem boost once in a while is good for my overall wellbeing.
4) hygeine: I live at the opposite end of the hall as my bathroom. It’s a trek. So when I want to go to bed, sometimes I just skip the bathroom, brushing my teeth and washing my face. It’s suuuuuper gross but sometime sleep>everything. So I will make an active attempt to do this everyday.
5) This brings me to my next point, sleep. I always get too little or too luck sleep. I need to find which time is right for me. So I will get between 6-8 hours each night.

Okay. So I will do this for the next 5 weeks regardless of my exams and schedule. I need to start feeling good about myself again. I promise to start taking better care of me.

16. April 2014

I think it’s kind of a problem when your boyfriend doesn’t call you in 2 weeks. What kind of relationship is that. Thats not anthing